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Money Notes


Direct Dividends, £2000 free!



Dividends are the primary way to take money out of your company.

Dividends are payable after Corporation Tax; all profits are yours to take.

The first £2,000 in dividends is tax-free!


Some dividends are tax-free; you can take £2,000 in dividends without being taxed.

Above that, they are taxed @ 8.75% up to the higher rate tax threshold, £50,270 and then at 33.75%. 

Remember you must be making a profit first and pay Corporation Tax before taking any dividends!

It can also be advantageous to add a partner as a shareholder and use their £2,000 allowance. This is achieved by using Alpha shares.

Alpha shares are A,B, C ... Shares. We can set up a B class share for your partner to receive the tax-free Dividends.

Timing is essential too, spread your Dividends over tax years and save tax. B4Bookkeeping can help organise this to ensure tax efficiency.



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