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CIS - How to Raise and Invoice

How to raise a CIS Invoice

How to Raise a CIS Invoice if you are a Sub Contractor

Below is an example invoice on how to do it correctly and save time dealing with your Customer

How to Create a CIS Invoice to send to the customer if you are VAT registered.

We get asked this question a lot, so here is an example of CIS Invoice exampling how to show VAT and CIS deductions.

Labour Cost - £200

Materials - £100

Total Before VAT - £300

VAT @ 20% - £60

Total Invoice Before CIS - £360

Less CIS on Labour @ 20% - £(40)

The Total amount Payable to you - £320

CIS is only deducted from the Labour element of your invoice and does not affect the VAT amount the customer has to pay.

Remember, don't discount your labour element, as your invoice must show the original cost before any CIS is deducted.

We can help support your invoices and manage your monthly HMRC filling and PAYE; call for a quote and leave CIS accounting to us.

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