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Auto Enrolment Pension


What does Auto Enrolment mean for your business?

If you employ, you must set up a company pension scheme.

Both you and your employees will be contributing to the Pension.

Pension Contributions

What does it cost? Employees pay 5% of their salary and you 3%

Our Payroll department can sort this out for you effortlessly.

How employees are added is based on their earning and age.

If your Employee earns over £10,000 between 22 and state pension age, they are automatically enrolled, and you must contribute to their pension. 


If they earn £5,824 but less than the £10,000, they have not enrolled automatically but can choose to “Opt-In”, and you will also have to contribute to the pension.


If your employee earns less than £5,824, they can Opt-in, and it's up to you whether you contribute as well to their pension.

Employees can opt-out if they wish but automatically enrol every three years.

Pension Providers

Several providers offer Auto Enrolment pensions.

We recommend NEST,


We are happy to discuss which provider would be the best for you.

More Auto Enrolment information

Pension Regulator Duties, what you need to do - Duties Checker

This will give you your staging date; when your pension must start, you will need your Letter code; it will come from the Pension Regulator.

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