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Cloud Accounting enables us to help 100's of clients through out the UK.

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Putting it simply we are faster and more cost efficient than your local / traditional bookkeepers who come to your office x many hours a week and deals with paper.

We are not traditional Accountants who let you know 9 Months after year end how your business performed, then give you a big tax bill and invoice!

•    We are not traditional Bookkeepers, we are not here just to manage administration we are here to support your business. Our goal is to help you grow, become more profitable and save Tax, not just key stuff into a computer.

•    We don’t have to turn up for 3 hours a week in your office, we are year every day to help, so no more paying 3hours, 4 weeks a month, pay us 3 hour, per month!

•    We have an office with 4 staff so there is always someone there to help you, where it over the phone, a skype call or email.

•    We use the latest cloud technology to save you time and money. No more paper files.

•    We can be onside if you need us, but when we don’t need to be there, we can work remotely saving you billable hours.

•    Because we use cloud software; FreeAgent, Xero, QuickBooks, Dropbox and Receipt Bank there is no need to lose valuable work space in your office, no desk required, no PC required, no software licence required, again saving your money.

•    We have 20+ year of experience in the real world, not just bookkeeping. We have worked in Retail, manufacturing, the NHS and Oli and Gas and administration.

•    If you want to speak to us about your business and how to grow it, come and see us, we love nothing better than having clients pop in and chat, even jump onto one of our desks and do some work.

•    We are multiskilled in all bookkeeping services, PAYE, Bank Recs, VAT, CIS, MDG, Year Accounts and Self-Assessment, and if we don’t know something we have access to 6 Chartered Accountancies if we/you need their expertise.

•    Our client base covers the whole of the UK, and most sectors, we can share our knowledge and help you grow.

•    We are open from 08:00 to 19:00 because we know you must work a normal day but need help outside the traditional hours, pop in, call and email, we will be there

•    We offer a free review of your books, if we can make you money we will let you know.


Don’t just take our word, here is what our bookkeeping customers have said

Some kind words from our customers, thank you.

"I'm speechless.... Thanking the bookkeeping/accounting gods for putting you guys into my life:)"

"You’re the guys we needed 4 years ago!"

"Saturdays are now all mine, not the companies anymore”

"everyone should have a B4Bbookkeeping in their business and lives"

"You have more than halved my bookkeeping and accounting costs!"

“You always answer my emails or call, I could never get InTouch with my previous Account”

“Our profit is now up 50%”

“Having not to manage my CIS and VAT makes my life so much less complicated”

“You are Amazing, I Love you”

"I no longer lose sleep at night worrying about my HMRC payroll returns”

"Why did I waste my time trying to sort my paperwork out?”


Cloud Bookkeepers and Accountants since 2009!


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