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Just a little about us:

 This is the bit all Accountants hate, our pictures being taken, so while we are all off to get professionally made up, here's some insight to who we are and what we love;



Managing Director

Experience: 25+ years experince in Management Accounting across Retail, Manufacturing and Oil and Gas

Free time: "I walk my Dachshunds and camping in my VW Camper"

Favourite biscuit: Fancy Faces 

Favourite animals: Dachshunds & Gold Fish 


Hero - Director

Experience: 5 years accounting

Free time: "I enjoy socialising with my friends and drinking alcohol"

Favourite biscuit: Vienesse Whirl

Favourite animal: Black Labradors


Heart of the Business -  Payroll Manager

Experience: 30 years in Payroll

Free time: "I am very creative and enjoy arts and crafts"

Favourite biscuit: Malted Milk

Favourite animal: Bengal Cats


Accounting Wizard -  Chief Accountant

Experience: 25+ years in Accounting

Free time: "I enjoy spending time with my family and writing books"

Favourite biscuit: Custard Cream

Favourite animal: Old English Sheepdogs


Rising Star - Assistant Accountant

Experience: 7 years Accounting and Forensics

Free time: "With two young children my weekends are very busy, I enjoy my family time"

Favourite biscuit: Anything covered in chocolate

Favourite animal: Rabbits


Sorts Us Out - Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Experience: 20+ years in Finance

Free time: "I spend my weekends watching my boys play football and having BBQ's with friends and family"

Favourite biscuit: Chocolate Digestive

Favourite animal: Pot Belly Pigs


Asstant Bookkeeper

Free time: "I spend my weekends socialising with my family and friends"

Favourite biscuit: Jammy Dodger

Favourite animal: Cockapoo


Apprentice Accountant

Free time: "I love drawing and spending time with my friends"

Favourite biscuit: Chocolate Hobnob

Favourite animal: Cockatiels


Newest Member - Apprentice Accountant

Free time: "I spend my time reading books and gaming"

Favourite biscuit: Oreos

Favourite animal: Degus

TBC - the girls are rooting for Ryan Renolds!

Recruiting - Asistant Accountant

Free time: ""

Favourite biscuit: TBC

Favourite animal: TBC



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