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Claiming for you Vehicle Mileage

The simplest method of claiming for your car / van / bike/ bicycles is to claim the HMRC's mileage rate for your business mileage.

You can do this is your turnover is less than the VAT threshold when you bought your car, i.e. less than £83,000

To track your business mileage, use your FreeAgent Expense, click the mileage claim for each journey.

Please remember you can't claim any other vehicle costs, this rate covers all your vehicle cost including; fuel, depreciation, tax and maintenance

So how much can I you claim per mile?

HMRC produces rates for the type of vehicle, the AMAP, Approved Mileage Allowance Payments rates see

From 2011-12 the following rates apply:

Miles < 10,000
Cars and vans 45p
Motor cycles 24p 24p
20p 20p


There is another method, where by your claim a proportion of the vehicle cost based on your business vs private mileage




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